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See and be seen

Anyone involved with photography will quickly notice that the difference between image and reality could hardly be greater. Good photography therefore understands how to capture reality in detail. And how to draw attention to what is essential. The effects of light and shadow also have to be taken into account, just like the interaction between complexity and reduction. Whether you wish to document your events, speeches and other happenings or visually present your products and services, our own photographers discreetly ensure that everything is placed in the perfect light.

Our services

  • Reporting
  • Industrial photography
  • Architecture and location photography 
  • Portraits
  • Biometric passport photos
  • Product images
  • Image (re-)processing and image archiving


Photo portfolios of our photographers

Götz Gumpert

Head of Agency
Standort München/Ottobrunn

Phone: +49 89 4449-21828