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Media Technology

In medias res

When it comes to media technology we tend to leave creativity aside for once. Instead, we rely on solutions that we can put into practice simply and pragmatically, so that you don’t waste any time with technology, but can focus on the things that really matter. And that might be even more more creative.

We are dedicated to this because of our engineering competence and our know-how from our technical support of countless events. We are responsible for the planning and realisation of video conferences, and we support and maintain technical media systems, conference rooms and the related infrastructure. If required, we also provide the entire equipment and staff for live broadcasts or video recordings at events.

Our services

  • Planning and realisation
  • Support for technical media systems
  • Support and maintenance of video conference systems
  • Set-up of video conferences
  • Provision of our own, independent bridge solution
  • Event and conference equipment

Dennis Vermeulen

Head of Entertainment & Technical Media Support
Location Munich/Ottobrunn

Phone: +49 89 4449-21826