Alpensektor / Apleona HSG AS GmbH


Emotion in Motion

To transform moving pictures into pictures that move, it is not just a question of hiring the necessary equipment and the right crew. Above all, it is crucial to add a decisive ingredient which combines image, sound and text to create something new. That is, the ingredient of passion. We are passionate about transforming ideas or even vague suggestions into stories. In your own individual style, with your own story-telling manner. Together we will find a suitable film language that speaks not only to the head but also reaches the heart.

From the first idea to the screenplay, from the compilation of the crew and Equipment, from shooting to post-production, our goal is to make your ideas visible. As an animation, as a film, in a scenic or a documentary style, the common denominator is always maximum emotion.

Our services

  • Corporate films, image films
  • Animations, motion graphics
  • Scientific films
  • Product films
  • Documentaries
  • Life broadcasts and live interviews, including SNG services

Kathrin Wisböck

Head of Agency
Location Munich/Ottobrunn

Phone: +49 89 4449-21827