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When we talk about events, we don’t just mean the occasion itself, but also everything that happens afterwards. In the heads of the visitors, this is when a fantastic experience becomes a fantastic memory. One that you will never forget. One that the guests will take with them into their everyday lives and their daily context, giving them a positive feeling.

We work towards that result from the very outset. From the basic concept through to the technical planning and implementation, the participant management, the live production and broadcast and even as far as the choice of dessert spoons, we regard ourselves as the consulting and driving force behind your event. In the process, we always keep a clear overview of the budget, the participants and VIPs, the catering, the sound, the lighting technology, the fireworks and all the other factors involved. Wherever you wish to present yourself, in Germany or around the world, we create events with added value.

Our services

  • Event development and design
  • Participant management
  • Management of all the factors Involved
  • General service provider for production
  • Event furnishing & event logistics, non-food catering (through Apleona HSG Event Services)
  • Technical planning and implementation of events
  • Live productions
  • Live broadcasts via stream and satellite
  • Roadshows
  • Corporate events: press conferences, receptions, management meetings, network meetings (with over 2,000 guests) etc.

Dennis Vermeulen

Head of Entertainment & Technical Media Support
Standort München/Ottobrunn

Phone: +49 89 4449-21826