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Design works!

How you recognise good graphic design? Is it simple and understated? Or varied and playful? Is it colourful and exciting? Or does it make the best impression with more discreet colours, or even simply in black and white? Vivid and loud or quiet and minimalist? The answer: In whichever way best suits your company and your messages.

That is why we allow ourselves the freedom for experiments, and do not only consider the usual colours, shapes, fonts and other design elements, but try to find out what makes the deepest impression. And that is not just limited to the visual appearance, but also includes the texture, the acoustics and even the sense of smell. In this way, we ensure that every medium – whether it is printed or digital – makes an impression.

Our services

  • Conceptional and strategic design
  • Event design
  • Logo development
  • Design of digital interfaces, usability design
  • Guidance systems
  • Classical print services, such as brochures, books, business reports, and the handling of extraordinary materials
  • Advertising material: development, labelling
  • CI/CD monitoring
  • Corporate design development
  • Trade-show planning and implementation, trade-show construction by our partner company, Apleona HSG Event Services

Kathrin Wisböck

Head of Agency
Location Munich/Ottobrunn

Phone: +49 89 4449-21827