Alpensektor / Apleona HSG AS GmbH


An overview

We know communications never flow via just one but via several different channels. The more effectively you network the channels together, the more clearly and distinct your central message will reach the recipients.

That is why you will find in us not just a single service provider established in just one field, but rather a closely interlinked association of different disciplines. Considered on their own, they would already provide high-quality communications results – but interacting together, they can exploit their true potential and create entirely new synergies. In this way, we can give shape to your visions and implement them in a professional, radiant and sometimes even in a slightly unconventional way on all the relevant channels. While of course taking your budgetary, technical and aesthetic restrictions within your Corporate Identity into account. Whether it’s an event, a graphic, a film, a radio message, a website, a flyer or anything else, we keep our eye firmly on the big picture as well as the details; an inspiring and harmonious multitude of skills.

Our service sectors are: