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  • Welcome to Alpensektor
    Welcometo Alpensektor
  • The big picture
    The bigpicture
  • Our aims are your wishes
    Our aimsare your wishes
  • Our office invites you in
    Our officeinvites you in
Welcome to Alpensektor
to Alpensektor
The big picture
The big
Our aims are your wishes
Our aims
are your wishes
Our office invites you in
Our office
invites you in

We Make Excitement Work

You can call us what you like: out-of-the-box thinkers, lateral thinkers, idea creators or whatever. What we actually are is a blend of pure technical competence and outstanding creativity. We have our own name for it: Alpensektor. Because we combine the serpentine and complicated with the straight and clear, the beautiful with the useful, the creative with the accurate: we combine the engineering expertise and service orientation of Apleona with creativity and media know-how.

As a group-affiliated agency within Apleona, we can exploit this unique connection to present your company in the best possible way. And to show them what makes you different. In text and image. In form and colour. For all media. And always: for all the senses. We ensure that both your services and you are perceived in exactly the manner that corresponds to your corporate personality.

Alpensektor – Full-Service-Agency – is a business unit of Apleona HSG AS GmbH. As an engineering and service corporation, Bilfinger develops, installs, maintains and operates systems and buildings for industry-, energy- and real-estate economies. From hospitals to refineries, from Alaska to Australia, from the beginning to the end.

Kathrin Wisböck
Head of Agency

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